capability brown’s boys

Everyone knows and loves Lancelot Capability Brown, the man who sounds like some kind of amazing exotic Knight-Cowboy from India, but is in fact a gardener with not much going on in the chin department. But what Capability Brown lacks in chin, he more than makes up for with his extremely green fingers and Bassett … Read more


Here is the complete list of TV catchphrases from 1979-1998 Show Catchphrase COntext Are You Being Served? My Sodden Vajoo! I must warn you, Captain Peacock, my sodden vajoo is currently stuffed fit to bust with a formidable array of dicks, many of which are on the vinegars. Terry & June By Poseidon’s Briny Ballsac! Terry: That was the boss. … Read more

cunt, your horse is a

An Icelandic football chant, throwing a spotlight on the player’s inability to tame a horse. Your horse is a cunt, Your horse is a cunt, He does what he wants, Your horse is a cunt. Over thirteen episodes of Icelandic Maury have starred horses who do what they want, to the despair of their footballing owners. It’s … Read more