There are many excellent reasons to faint. These include: You are bleeding out, and you body needs to lower blood pressure to delay death. The venom has paralysed you, and now the spider is pointing its egg sac into your tear duct and¬†there ain’t nobody got time for that. You’ve been holding your breath for … Read more

fivers, new

A picture of the new banknote demontrating that it is waterproof, with the Queen saying "I'm wet for pounds" and "spend me on crowns"

Is your business ready to accept the new five pound note? The new five pound note is money, and therefore in your business’ best interests. But you don’t want to throw good money after bad, so it’s important that you’re “on the money” with the new five pound note. After all, you know what they … Read more

fruity chunks

This is Fruity Chunks, the world’s best entertaining mag. It cost AUD$11.99 for its launch issue, but everyone who attended the second live show was given their very own photocopy for free. If you weren’t in that hot sexy room in Soho, you can still read Fruity Chunks in its entirety here, now, below, hello. … Read more