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Are you a shit parent? By which we mean, are you an obviously great parent who has the occasional moment where you just stare at your child and think “FUCK YOU”? Then you’ll love Scabby Daddies, the Regular Features parenting podcast on the Regular Features Big Daddy network. Let’s GO! STEVEWelcome to the brand new … Read more

diana, lady

Lady Diana Spencer was a top dollar princess. Everyone said so! “There she goes,” they’d say. “I’d goose that madam in a flash, having assuring myself that I’d gained her enthusiastic consent.” This is her story, as animated by the frankly alright Simon Chong. [rf episode=”67″]


When someone says “do you want me to animate your feature”, you say yes. And if you’re lucky, this happens. The gentleman who animated this belter, Simon Chong, can also be heard literally butchering the part of the Princess in “a full blown shart”, in our second live show. He now works in LA, where … Read more

doctor who

EXCERPT FROM STEVEN MOFFAT’S DIARY, JULY 1972 Let’s just take it as read, then, that I am the new Doctor Who. Here’s the title card, which will show on the telly while a posh bloke says “And coming up after the local news, Dr Who will kick the dicks off of some Go-Bots, or something”. … Read more