terminator genisys

Terminator is on a roof. John Connor is on the ground and shouting up at him. JOHN Jump, Terminator. Your Terminator legs will protect you from damage. TERMINATOR Negative, Terminator is scared. JOHN You don’t any emotions Terminator, how can you be– TERMINATOR TERMINATOR SCARED. JOHN Terminator we have to go stop Skynet right now … Read more

thatcher, margaret

Good afternoon. I am Margaret Thatcher. I first came to the public attention as a provider of stunt bras to the Carry On movies. You remember when Barbara Windsor’s bra flew off in Carry On Camping? That was one of my bras. Aerodynamic for flight, and padded cups for a soft landing. The right bra … Read more


Torchwood is a TV show in which literally anything goes. One minute Captain Jack Harkness will be stood on the roof of a Cardiff building, and the next minute a bloke gets his dick shattered into stardust by an alien with proper nice tits. And everything inbetween! Here is a brief guide to the first episodes of Torchwood: The … Read more

trousers, removing your

When a man removes his trousers, it is a dark portent. Nothing good can come of even the unbuckling of a belt, let alone the sinister swoosh of fabric against thigh as his leggings fump into a foreboding heap. Nine times out of ten you can expect this scene to play out: [rf episode=”2″]