cunt, your horse is a

An Icelandic football chant, throwing a spotlight on the player’s inability to tame a horse. Your horse is a cunt, Your horse is a cunt, He does what he wants, Your horse is a cunt. Over thirteen episodes of Icelandic Maury have starred horses who do what they want, to the despair of their footballing owners. It’s … Read more

doctor who

EXCERPT FROM STEVEN MOFFAT’S DIARY, JULY 1972 Let’s just take it as read, then, that I am the new Doctor Who. Here’s the title card, which will show on the telly while a posh bloke says “And coming up after the local news, Dr Who will kick the dicks off of some Go-Bots, or something”. … Read more


A language that for seventy years of English observational comedy was derided as a series of phlegm-filled hacks and sputters. If you ever had the misfortune to be alive in the 1980s, you’d have been treated to jokes such as: “That Welshman just said hello to me, and now I am irreversibly covered in sputum” “Apparently the River … Read more