national anthem

A national anthem should reflect the status and mood of its country. It should project an image that is consistent both with the values of the country, and it’s position on the world stage. Here is the National Anthem of the UK.

A picture of the Union Flag (hung upside down), with lyrics to be sung to the tune of God Save The Queen:

Can you go fetch some help
I've shit and pissed myself
Right in my pants
It's gone all everywhere
My taint and pubic hair
Why did I put both hands in there
Jesus H Christ

Interestingly enough, God Save The Queen is only the UK National Anthem through custom and use. It is simply accepted that the lyrics will change to “God Save The King” when appropriate, so there’s absolutely no legal reason why these can’t be the lyrics now. I rest my case and eagerly await the court’s verdict

Listen to a longer version being sung here