Yogamon is the branch of Yoga which incorporates the battle ethics and collection quest of Pokémon. This script describes a typical Yogamon story and battle, and can be heard in Episode 193, Wild Yoga Garlic Dogs. It’s worth it, as the exertion noises in Yogamon are always very impressive. Roaring off the back of his … Read more


Torchwood is a TV show in which literally anything goes. One minute Captain Jack Harkness will be stood on the roof of a Cardiff building, and the next minute a bloke gets his dick shattered into stardust by an alien with proper nice tits. And everything inbetween! Here is a brief guide to the first episodes of Torchwood: The … Read more

trousers, removing your

When a man removes his trousers, it is a dark portent. Nothing good can come of even the unbuckling of a belt, let alone the sinister swoosh of fabric against thigh as his leggings fump into a foreboding heap. Nine times out of ten you can expect this scene to play out: [rf episode=”2″]


There are many excellent reasons to faint. These include: You are bleeding out, and you body needs to lower blood pressure to delay death. The venom has paralysed you, and now the spider is pointing its egg sac into your tear duct and there ain’t nobody got time for that. You’ve been holding your breath for … Read more