fruity chunks

This is Fruity Chunks, the world’s best entertaining mag. It cost AUD$11.99 for its launch issue, but everyone who attended the second live show was given their very own photocopy for free. If you weren’t in that hot sexy room in Soho, you can still read Fruity Chunks in its entirety here, now, below, hello. … Read more


This sexy spectable was inspired by the mere existence of the Date A Gamer website, which is apparently still a thing. Imagine that gamer spunk bullet coming at you, at lethal speeds. You’d be mad to dodge that succulent lad.


When someone says “do you want me to animate your feature”, you say yes. And if you’re lucky, this happens. The gentleman who animated this belter, Simon Chong, can also be heard literally butchering the part of the Princess in “a full blown shart”, in our second live show. He now works in LA, where … Read more


Thanks for clicking. I’m Buck Pawchucker. I’m the Mayor of Fistworld, the town where a punch in the face is as good as a kiss on the cheek, and a broken nose can mend a broken heart. Yessir, here in Fistworld, men – how you say – be punching each other, to the exclusion of … Read more


Emralds, amthysts, stuff like that


When human beings die, two things happen. First, their body immediately begins to enact, at lightning speed, everything on the person’s “bucket list”. Watch an extreme slo-mo repeat of a man dying, and you will notice that he, to the best of his abilities: sticks his finger inside a dog’s lipstick pouch and wiggles it around with a … Read more

national anthem

A national anthem should reflect the status and mood of its country. It should project an image that is consistent both with the values of the country, and it’s position on the world stage. Here is the National Anthem of the UK. Interestingly enough, God Save The Queen is only the UK National Anthem through … Read more