shit and piss, gunky buttock filled with, harry potter and the

Once upon a time, renowned audio tit Cassetteboy chopped up Stephen Fry’s reading of the Harry Potter books and transformed them into something beautiful. His first story was Harry Potter and the Black Leather Cunt, which was to be followed by Harry Potter and the Underage Blow-Job. Several years passed, until Log decided to copy this idea, … Read more

regular features in 1925

The following is a transcript from the first episode of Regular Features, aired in 1925 ROBOT FROM THE FUTURE Hello, and welcome to Episode 1 of Regular Features, coming live from the 1920s! JOAN CRAWFORD I’m Joan Crawford, and I’ve got something dead between my tits. Can the Regular Features team figure out what animal crawled into … Read more

thatcher, margaret

Good afternoon. I am Margaret Thatcher. I first came to the public attention as a provider of stunt bras to the Carry On movies. You remember when Barbara Windsor’s bra flew off in Carry On Camping? That was one of my bras. Aerodynamic for flight, and padded cups for a soft landing. The right bra … Read more

diana, lady

Lady Diana Spencer was a top dollar princess. Everyone said so! “There she goes,” they’d say. “I’d goose that madam in a flash, having assuring myself that I’d gained her enthusiastic consent.” This is her story, as animated by the frankly alright Simon Chong. [rf episode=”67″]


Here is the complete list of TV catchphrases from 1979-1998 Show Catchphrase COntext Are You Being Served? My Sodden Vajoo! I must warn you, Captain Peacock, my sodden vajoo is currently stuffed fit to bust with a formidable array of dicks, many of which are on the vinegars. Terry & June By Poseidon’s Briny Ballsac! Terry: That was the boss. … Read more

doctor who

EXCERPT FROM STEVEN MOFFAT’S DIARY, JULY 1972 Let’s just take it as read, then, that I am the new Doctor Who. Here’s the title card, which will show on the telly while a posh bloke says “And coming up after the local news, Dr Who will kick the dicks off of some Go-Bots, or something”. … Read more


Torchwood is a TV show in which literally anything goes. One minute Captain Jack Harkness will be stood on the roof of a Cardiff building, and the next minute a bloke gets his dick shattered into stardust by an alien with proper nice tits. And everything inbetween! Here is a brief guide to the first episodes of Torchwood: The … Read more

gay?, is it

Are you gay? Here is a simple test for men: imagine you are sat at your desk, and you become dimly aware of a swooshing sound. Increasing in intensity, you begin to hear joyful screams between the rushes of air. Eventually distracted from your work, you turn around, and see  that someone from HR has … Read more

pussy pals

This is the tale of the two original pussy pals, whose highly pro-woman discussions were captured on eight-track and sold to truckers, so they could wank in their cabs to powerful feminist discourse. [rf episode=”58″]